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Kathy Cole
Retired Single 2
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Mark Cunningham
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Clinical & Forensic Psychologist Married 3
Westbury HS to Abilene Christian College (BA) to Oklahoma State Univeristy (MS, PhD in clinical psychology) to US Navy (Bethesda, MD; Connecticut) as a psychologist to clinical practice in Abilene, Texas 1981-2002. Evolved into court-related consultations (forensic psychology) and eventually a national practice in criminal cases. Moved to Dallas to facilitate travel 2002-2012. Since I can work from anywhere that has an airport, moved to Austin 2013-2016, and Seattle 2016-date.

I have been heavily involved in research and scholarly publishing - who thought writing term papers could be so fun!?

Married Melinda Eve Brittain in 1975 - a great friend and wonderful spouse - and we have three sparkling children. Melinda died of ovarian cancer in 2012 - broke my heart. Married Tiffany Lawrence in 2014, an amazing woman who makes me smile. 

Seattle has a great vibe, breathtaking surroundings, mild (if often damp) climate, liberal politics, and great restaurants - it's all good. Most weeks I get on a plane for work. We travel internationally for fun and to see grandkids who live in France.
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Michael Wideman
Materials Manager Married 6
Some of my friends from high school are still close, even after all these years. While high school wasn't always pleasant, it was a time of growth and a formative time, and I do have some good memories. Aside from serving a church mission in Colorado and living a few years in Utah, the Houston area has been my home for most of my adult life. I am happily married, with 6 wonderful children and 20 grandchildren. I have been blessed to find lasting love, to have opportunities to work and serve, and to enjoy freedom and prosperity. Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
Patsy Fowler (Lewis)
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Retired Accountant/Teacher Married 3
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Philip Carter
Retired Married 2
I've been married to Mary Lou Genrich since 1971. We have two daughters who each have daughter of their own. We moved to the Waco area in 1976 and except for a year in North Carolina we have been here ever since. Lately we have been spending part of the year in Tampa, Florida where one of our daughters lives.

I spent much of my working years employed by a trucking company while Mary Lou worked for M and M Mars at the Waco candy factory. Yes, she did get free candy. We have been retired for several years.
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Sandy Wilson
Photographer Married 1
After youthful travel years and living abroad after University, I returned to Austin where I married and had one child. We moved back to Houston in the late 80's and found a very different city in Houston. We have enjoyed living for the last 30 plus years in this diverse city. 
Susan Sitterle (Merritt) Married 2
Westbury High School was a great place to be 1966-1969. Lots of fun memories. After high school I attended Texas Tech. While there I met and married a local farmer/rancher. I thought we would live in the same house for 100 years. God laughed, he had other plans. We have lived in various parts of this wonderful state. We have 2 sons. I taught Business/Computer Science for 28 years. My husband still buys and sells cattle. We love to watch/cheer (4)grandchildren as they participate in school activities. We are active members in First Baptist Church of West. My hobbies are making Bobbin lace and tatted lace. I also participate in The Daughters of The Republic of Texas.
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Wayne Roberts
State Agency Head Married 2
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