April 6, 2019
3 months and 28 days left
until our reunion.

1969 to 2019, 50 years are flying by.  Did we really tote a larger than life Johnny Reb to our events, wave a Rebel flag and play “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” and “Dixie”?  There have been so many changes in our world since our high school graduation.  Most of the old Westbury we remember has been torn down and replaced with modern, solid buildings.  The school entrance has been relocated from Gasmer to Chimney Rock.  And, all of us, Seniors of ’69, might have changed a bit also…a pound or two...smile lines…hair color (only our hairdresser knows).  In so many ways we are still the same guys and gals we were back then. 
Please spend a few hours this one evening in April to remember the four years we spent together at Westbury and all of the different paths our lives have taken us these 50 years since graduation.

We are contemplating other events for the weekend, but are waiting to see what the turnout is looking like for the reunion.  So let us know by RSVP-ing if you have a sincere interest in coming and are planning to put it on your calendar.  You can buy tickets later.

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